Fact File (India)

Flag and Emblem of India

India Flag National Emblem of India
National Flag of India National Emblem of India

Facts about India:

Republic of India Bhārat Ganarājya

  • Capital New:Delhi
  • Largest City:Mumbai
  • Official Languages:Hindi, English
  • Demonym:Indian
  • Government:Federal Republic Parliamentary Democracy
  • Independence:15th Aug 1947, From UK
  • Area:3,287,240 sq Km- 7th Largest in the World
  • Population:1.1 billion (2007 Estimated) - 2nd Largest in the World
  • GDP(PPP):$ 2.965 trillion (2007 Estimate) 4th Largest in the World
  • GDP(Nominal):$ 1.1000 trillion(2007 Estimate) 12th Largest in the World
  • HDI:0.619 (2007)
  • Currency:Indian Rupee (INR)
  • Time Zone:GMT+ 5:30 hrs.
  • Drives on the:Left
  • Internet TLD:.in
  • Calling Code:+91

Ports of India

Indian Port

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